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Name: Medical gloves, powder free

Resources: Synthetic Nitrile

Brand: HQGANO / Color: Blue

Size: S, M, L, XL
Quality Standards: - Apply good GMP-based

production processes meeting

FDA standards.

Uses cornstarch as allowed by

For non-sterile disposable nitrile examination gloves:
Factory certification ISO9001 or equivalent BS EN13485
Declaration of Conformity issued by the factory confirming the technical specifications and standards of the product.

Name: Disposable face mask 3 layer

Medical non woven PP SS  fabric 30gsm 
Melt blown paper 25gsm BFE >95%  
Medical non woven PP SS  fabric 25gsm
Color: Blue, white/ Elastic Earlop

Size of Elastic: 15cm (white)/ Nose pin plastic.

Expiry Date: 5 years

Bacterial filtration efficiency: >95%

Sterilazion: None

Certification: CE, FDA, ISO,...

Name: HQGANO Hand Sanitizer Gel

Ingredient: Alcohol 60%

Aloe barbadensis leaf extract:  37.05%

Glyeerin: 1.25%

Tocopherol: 1%

Carbomer:  0.4%

Triethanolamine: 0.15%

Parfum: 0.15%

Bactericidal 99.99%

The product does not cause skin irritation, suitable for even sensitive skin.

Certification: MSSD, WHO, GMP, Testing,...